D'a r t e m i s   D i s t i l l e r y

since 1892

  • ouzoslide1
    Ouzo Black

    46% vol. Real Ouzo!
    The ONLY 100% double distilled

    Ouzo Blue

    40% vol
    Enjoy the Greek Way!


    The only 100% distillation of Mastic with its all beneficial attributes. The distillation of natural Mastic of Chios island with the traditional recipe from 1892 and the passion of creation, gives birth to the unique Mastic D' Artemis in numbered bottles for qualitative consumers. It is a hand-made, small production and each bottle brings proudly its creator signature.

  • D'artemis Liquer

    15 different flavours with 100% natural extracts of selected varieties of fruits of natural maturation.

    D'artemis Liquer

    D'artemis Liquer


    It is a unique composition of 15 different extracts based on the secret recipe of mr. Othona Panagiotaki, FRUMEL.

    It has particular perfume, separate flavour, unique enjoyment. 100% cleanliness.

  • D'artemis Raisin Brandy

    D'artemis Raisin Brandy 100% with distillation of Black Corinthian Grape with attendance of old wine distillation depending on type
    3* 5* 7* asters.


Welcome to the distillery of D' Artemis, the most traditional one of Greece.

Our products Ouzo, Liqueur, Raisin, Mastic, Kerasma,are the only one that are produced from 100% genuine Greek distillations and extracts of fruits. They are prepared with traditional recipes,from strictly selected raw material in limited quantities of numbered bottles and they are certified by the responsible chemical service, according to the legislation that it determines the process of distillation and rarefaction. Products with taste and home made care,for qualitative professionals and consumers,based on the 121 years experience and tradition of the distillery Panagiotaki.


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Our company, participates in the exhibitions of branch with a dynamic presence and gives its constant stigma by advertising in the means of communication.

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Pallini 15344
Prefecture of Attica
Tel.: +30 210 6030172-3